Between Boot Camp Classes: Exercise without Thinking about it

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Does daily fitness have to be about boot camp classes only? No! Exercising means taking your body out of its comfort zone and elevating your heart rate while using muscles in a deliberate and conscious manner, so you naturally can exercise every day, without even thinking about it. Common ground between daily life and boot camp classes In much the … Read More

Weight Loss Diet: 4 Steps To Healthy And Durable Results

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weight loss diet tips

A weight loss diet can help you reach a target weight or body size. They get bad raps, but they actually come with a number of benefits. For example, better physical health, more energy and confidence, and most importantly, the envy of your friends. However, not all weight loss diets are created equal, just as body types range in differences. … Read More

How Does The Quality And Quantity Of Sleep Affect Weight Loss?

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When it comes to losing weight, one question that is frequently asked is ‘can sleep affect weight loss?’ There is a lot of advice that comes up over and over again: Watch what you eat, watch how much you eat (and when and how you prepare your food), get adequate amounts of exercise, establish routines, etc. However, rarely is the … Read More

The Importance Of Group Support In A Women Boot Camp

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Women Boot Camp

There’s a big difference between going to the gym alone and being a participant in a women boot camp. You might have felt like the odd girl out at the gym surrounded by men or around super skinny girls that make you wonder why they’re there in the first place. You have no support, no one to talk to and … Read More