5 Weight Management Habits You Can Easily Adopt

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Weight Management Habits | Beauty Fit Boot Camp

Acquiring weight management habits and making them truly your own is a challenge that you have to start thinking about before even starting a weight loss regimen. Finding your own routine and diet that works for your is especially difficult. Most people have a tendency to adopt lose weight quick schemes and end up on a roller coaster of yo-yo … Read More

How Exercise and Brain Function Work Together

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Exercise and Brain Function | Beauty Fit Bootcamp

Exercise and brain function are closely related. While it may not be obvious at first, numerous studies have shown links between the two. If you want to have a healthy brain, build a healthy body. Are you unsure of the benefits of exercise? Are you unfamiliar with the link between exercise and brain function? Keep reading to find out more. … Read More

Fitness and Healthy Eating Habits: 2 Peas in a Pod

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Healthy Eating Habits Beauty Fit Boot Camp

You might think of yourself as a fitness guru – having perfected your regimen, your number of sets, your max reps…even going so far as to embrace leg day. You may even already know that healthy eating habits play just as important a role (if not more important) as your workout when it comes to staying in shape. What you … Read More