How a Healthy Diet and a Fit Body Can Help to Prevent Illness

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healthy diet

You probably know that a healthy diet can help you lose weight. It’s definitely true that health and fitness go hand in hand, and that definitely includes much more than simple physical health. All of the systems in your body are connected, and weakness in one can disrupt your entire life. Remember, the body is like a chain- you’re only … Read More

Weight Loss Diet: 4 Steps To Healthy And Durable Results

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weight loss diet tips

A weight loss diet can help you reach a target weight or body size. They get bad raps, but they actually come with a number of benefits. For example, better physical health, more energy and confidence, and most importantly, the envy of your friends. However, not all weight loss diets are created equal, just as body types range in differences. … Read More

How Much Should You Be Sweating During Workouts?

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Is sweating during workouts something that happens to you? That could mean you’re doing something right. Or, it can mean nothing at all. While sweating typically is noticed in people who are working hard (particularly on hot days), that’s a matter of correlation, not causation.Your body sweats to cool you down to keep your temperature at equilibrium- and while a … Read More

Anatomy of a Workout: Understanding Muscle Groups

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Muscle Groups

The human body has a large number of muscles, and these muscles can be divided into muscle groups based on function and location. When it comes to fitness, a proper workout regimen ensures that all muscle groups are trained, and therefore all muscles are strengthened over time. Relationships of muscles within muscle groups: Muscle groups can be divided in a … Read More

True Or False: Interval Training Helps To Lose Weight

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Interval Training

How many times have you heard people talk about high intensity interval training, HIIT for those in the know? This concept, closely related to the principles of circuit training (think boot camp) has been on the rise for the last couple of years, and with good reason. What is interval training? It’s pretty much explained in the name: it’s a … Read More

The Importance Of Group Support In A Women Boot Camp

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Women Boot Camp

There’s a big difference between going to the gym alone and being a participant in a women boot camp. You might have felt like the odd girl out at the gym surrounded by men or around super skinny girls that make you wonder why they’re there in the first place. You have no support, no one to talk to and … Read More

Eat , Exercise, Sleep: How To Stay Healthy This Summer

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Stay Healthy This Summer

The cold months have passed and now we want to stay healthy this summer. Yes, we ate too much during the holidays, we said we’d back on the wagon in Spring and now we don’t have the body we wanted to go to the beach. Don’t beat yourself up for it. You can start anytime, anyway you want, because there’s … Read More

Indulge Without Remorse: Healthy Brunch Recipe

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healthy brunch recipe

Indulge yourself after a long week with an enticing healthy brunch recipe. Berry-smothered whole wheat french toast turns an ordinary weekend breakfast into an extraordinary gala event. Appeal to your sweet tooth and your healthy diet by dishing up this special treat. Nutritious and Delicious Picture a plate of warm, golden brown french toast, with thick fruity syrup pooling on … Read More

How do boot camp women fight cellulite?

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boot camp women

How do boot camp women fight cellulite? A woman who has the tendency to develop cellulite will always have to fight to keep it at bay. The way Boot camp women live their lives revolves around this very fight. The 3 keys to a good anti-cellulite training program are: 1- Losing body fat by following a specific diet 2- Firming … Read More

The Best Post Workout Foods For Women

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Post Workout Foods

Post workout foods are essential in the recovery period to minimize later risks of injuries and provide your metabolism with enough to fully function. Working out is recognized for keeping people young, fit and healthy but after exercising, your body needs some pick-me up. Why do you need post workout foods? When you workout, your muscles need calories to burn … Read More