How Much Should You Be Sweating During Workouts?

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Is sweating during workouts something that happens to you? That could mean you’re doing something right. Or, it can mean nothing at all. While sweating typically is noticed in people who are working hard (particularly on hot days), that’s a matter of correlation, not causation.Your body sweats to cool you down to keep your temperature at equilibrium- and while a … Read More

Best Cardio workouts without equipment

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Cardio workouts

An effective exercise routine does not require equipment, and cardio workouts without equipment are the best type of workout. To help us understand why, we need to know what cardio workout is all about. What cardio workout is and what results are to be expected. Now we call it cardio; a while back we called it aerobic. That this type … Read More

The Best Post Workout Foods For Women

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Post Workout Foods

Post workout foods are essential in the recovery period to minimize later risks of injuries and provide your metabolism with enough to fully function. Working out is recognized for keeping people young, fit and healthy but after exercising, your body needs some pick-me up. Why do you need post workout foods? When you workout, your muscles need calories to burn … Read More

What do you need to eat to burn fat and build muscle

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burn fat and build muscle

Knowing what foods to avoid will  increase the efficiency of the fitness program and will help us achieve our goal : burn fat and build muscle ! So here is a little help, from me, to you. There is a natural process happening, called SDA or Specific Dynamic Action also know as Thermic effect of food: it’s the amount of energy spent … Read More