How Much Should You Be Sweating During Workouts?

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Is sweating during workouts something that happens to you? That could mean you’re doing something right. Or, it can mean nothing at all. While sweating typically is noticed in people who are working hard (particularly on hot days), that’s a matter of correlation, not causation.Your body sweats to cool you down to keep your temperature at equilibrium- and while a … Read More

True Or False: Interval Training Helps To Lose Weight

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Interval Training

How many times have you heard people talk about high intensity interval training, HIIT for those in the know? This concept, closely related to the principles of circuit training (think boot camp) has been on the rise for the last couple of years, and with good reason. What is interval training? It’s pretty much explained in the name: it’s a … Read More

The Importance Of Group Support In A Women Boot Camp

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Women Boot Camp

There’s a big difference between going to the gym alone and being a participant in a women boot camp. You might have felt like the odd girl out at the gym surrounded by men or around super skinny girls that make you wonder why they’re there in the first place. You have no support, no one to talk to and … Read More

Eat , Exercise, Sleep: How To Stay Healthy This Summer

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Stay Healthy This Summer

The cold months have passed and now we want to stay healthy this summer. Yes, we ate too much during the holidays, we said we’d back on the wagon in Spring and now we don’t have the body we wanted to go to the beach. Don’t beat yourself up for it. You can start anytime, anyway you want, because there’s … Read More

Ideas For Healthy And Delicious Fresh Meal Plans

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Fresh Meal Plans

We are on track, we started our exercise regimen, and we have healthy fresh meal plans. Spring is almost here and so are the delicious, fresh, fruit and vegetables. Of course in California we have produce almost all year round but some are more easily accessible or taste better depending on the season. Whether you just want to save time … Read More

Boot Camp Workout Recovery With Cryotherapy: Cool Down Quick!

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workout recovery

Doctors have known about the benefits of using cold temperatures for athletic recovery for a long time, but prepare yourself for a whole new approach to it- workout recovery with cryotherapy takes these ideas to the next level to give you supercharged rebuilding after even the toughest gym session. After an intense workout, who doesn’t crave a nice cold shower? … Read More

6 Ways Strength Training Will Change Your Life

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Strength Training

While cardio training has been over-advertised over the past years, strength training is now recognized to be just as important. Yes, cardio is still important but it shouldn’t be your only focus, a good workout plan should always include cardio and strength training to be totally complete and effective (boot camp fitness anyone?). False beliefs about strength training Many believe … Read More

What do you need to eat to burn fat and build muscle

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burn fat and build muscle

Knowing what foods to avoid will  increase the efficiency of the fitness program and will help us achieve our goal : burn fat and build muscle ! So here is a little help, from me, to you. There is a natural process happening, called SDA or Specific Dynamic Action also know as Thermic effect of food: it’s the amount of energy spent … Read More