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boot camp classes

Between Boot Camp Classes: Exercise without Thinking about it

Does daily fitness have to be about boot camp classes only? No! Exercising means taking your body out of its comfort zone and elevating your heart rate while using muscles in a deliberate and conscious manner, so you naturally can exercise every day, without even thinking about it. Common ground between daily life and boot…

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healthy diet

How a Healthy Diet and a Fit Body Can Help to Prevent Illness

You probably know that a healthy diet can help you lose weight. It’s definitely true that health and fitness go hand in hand, and that definitely includes much more than simple physical health. All of the systems in your body are connected, and weakness in one can disrupt your entire life. Remember, the body is…

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Unhealthy Diets | Beauty Fit Boot Camp Chula Vista

5 Unhealthy Diets That Don't Work

There is no such thing as a miracle diet, there is the diet that works and the diet that doesn’t work…. for you. There is, however, such a thing as safe weight loss. Let’s have a look a 5 examples of unhealthy diets that absolutely don’t work. The Dangers of Miracle Diets Why are these…

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7 Tips to Fight Food Cravings

If you are struggling to fight food cravings, you’re not alone. It can be difficult to stick to your diet when you are tempted to eat cookies, donuts and other high-calorie treats. However, if you eat the right foods and change some of your lifestyle habits, it’s possible to kick these cravings for good. Include…

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Body Type Body Shape | Beauty Fit Boot Camp

Finding the Right Workout for Your Body Type

Many women believe that they have to look a certain way or have a specific body type to be deemed “beautiful”. These feelings and pressures are created by the societal pressures historically placed on women. The media has never truly reflected the plethora of shapes, colors, and sizes of the many people of the world.…

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Post Pregnancy Weight Loss | Beauty Fit Boot Camp

7 Tips for Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

Trying to follow a post pregnancy weight loss regimen while changing diapers and between feedings seems to be an impossible goal to achieve. You are overjoyed, over tired and crazy busy. To top it all off, you’re dying to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight. The extra pounds you have gained may even be getting…

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Core Conditioning Exercises | Beauty Fit Boot Camp

Beyond Sit-Ups: 10 Core Conditioning Exercises

When it comes to core conditioning exercises, the abs are the first thing that springs to mind. While the abdominals are clearly part of the core, there are a lot of muscles that crunch and similar exercises simply don’t work. A weakness in these muscles can leave you vulnerable to all sorts of injury. This…

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Weight Management Habits | Beauty Fit Boot Camp

5 Weight Management Habits You Can Easily Adopt

Acquiring weight management habits and making them truly your own is a challenge that you have to start thinking about before even starting a weight loss regimen. Finding your own routine and diet that works for your is especially difficult. Most people have a tendency to adopt lose weight quick schemes and end up on…

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Exercise and Brain Function | Beauty Fit Bootcamp

How Exercise and Brain Function Work Together

Exercise and brain function are closely related. While it may not be obvious at first, numerous studies have shown links between the two. If you want to have a healthy brain, build a healthy body. Are you unsure of the benefits of exercise? Are you unfamiliar with the link between exercise and brain function? Keep…

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weight loss diet tips

Weight Loss Diet: 4 Steps To Healthy And Durable Results

A weight loss diet can help you reach a target weight or body size. They get bad raps, but they actually come with a number of benefits. For example, better physical health, more energy and confidence, and most importantly, the envy of your friends. However, not all weight loss diets are created equal, just as…

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