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healthy snack ideas

Healthy Snack Ideas to Substitute Your Bad Cravings

It is true. We are all guilty. Even the strongest of will have fallen victim to an extra-large scoop of ice cream or the chocolate candy bar with caramel and nougat that mysteriously found its way into your grocery cart. We are but human, and as such, we often crave foods that are not necessarily…

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essential vitamins and minerals

Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Women

There’s a reason why they’re called “essential vitamins and minerals”. As humans, we need these key nutrients to run necessary body processes, like digestion and system regulation. As women, we differ from men in a myriad of ways, so it’s no wonder that our bodies need more gender-specific nutrition. Depending on your age, you may…

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bosu ball

5 Bosu Ball Exercises to Tone Fast

Have you ever tried exercising with a bosu ball? No? Well, get ready, because these 5 bosu ball exercises will bring all the core strength you need to perform at a 110% in other aspects of your fitness journey! Elevated Crunches One way to turn up your ab workout a few notches is sitting on…

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Weight Loss Journey

How to Stay Motivated During Your Weight Loss Journey

The key to starting and maintaining motivation during your weight loss journey is to be relentless and consistent in reminding yourself of your personal goals. Finding unique ways throughout your journey to connect with your weight loss goals is helpful when building good lifestyle habits. Your weight loss journey is not only about physically losing…

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no crust mini quiches recipe

Gluten Free No Crust Mini Quiches

For those of you who are looking to eliminate gluten and other empty carbohydrates from your diet this No-Crust Mini Quiche recipe is perfect for you! They’re filling, easy to make, and great for grabbing on your way out the door. These No Crust Mini Quiches are perfect to pop in the microwave for breakfast…

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hidden sugars

The Unseen Calorie Source: Hidden Sugars

Losing weight and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle requires determination and keeping a close watch on your calorie intake. Most dieters and weight-watchers switch to healthier diet options, paying close attention to the food labels on products and opting for those which have the least sugar content. Foods with marketing labels like “whole-grain”, “fat-free”,…

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butt lifting exercises

10 Butt Lifting Exercises You Can Do At Home

Do these quick and effective butt lifting exercises from the comfort of your home. In the time it would have taken you to get ready and dressed, you could have done an entire butt shaping workout. You can do these exercises anywhere, any time. 1. The Infamous Squat Squats are probably the most effective butt…

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home fitness

Home Fitness: How 20 Minutes a Day can Change Everything

I used to think I needed to spend 1-2 hours at the gym to get in shape and lose weight. It was daunting to think not only of the money spent but also the time I needed to dedicate to my health and fitness. From getting changed, to travel to and from the gym, and…

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Food substitutions

15 Healthy Food Substitutions To Satisfy Those Hunger Pangs

Losing weight and getting yourself back in shape requires willpower to resist giving in to habits that can set you back. Dietitians often advise dieters on the distinction between hunger pangs and cravings. One is a physical need, while the other is psychological and habitual need for comfort. A craving will usually pass in time…

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weight loss recipe

Featured Weight Loss Recipe: Tomato Soup

We know how hard is to plan balanced meals, prep, stay strong during the week while looking for more weight loss recipes, making sure you don’t get bored and discouraged. If you’re a fan of hearty, comforting bowls of joy, you’ll love this healthy soup. It’s 95% vegetables and it’s absolutely addicting. The original version…

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