The Best Ways to Track Fitness Progress

When you initially begin a fitness and/or nutrition program, be sure to use more than just your scale to track fitness progress. There are many ways your body will tell you that you’re doing a great job and sometimes you won’t see the numbers on the scale drop right away. Sure, measuring your weight is…

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Finding the Right Workout for Your Body Type

Body Type Body Shape | Beauty Fit Boot Camp

Many women believe that they have to look a certain way or have a specific body type to be deemed “beautiful”. These feelings and pressures are created by the societal pressures historically placed on women. The media has never truly reflected the plethora of shapes, colors, and sizes of the many people of the world.…

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Beyond Sit-Ups: 10 Core Conditioning Exercises

Core Conditioning Exercises | Beauty Fit Boot Camp

When it comes to core conditioning exercises, the abs are the first thing that springs to mind. While the abdominals are clearly part of the core, there are a lot of muscles that crunch and similar exercises simply don’t work. A weakness in these muscles can leave you vulnerable to all sorts of injury. This…

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How Exercise and Brain Function Work Together

Exercise and Brain Function | Beauty Fit Bootcamp

Exercise and brain function are closely related. While it may not be obvious at first, numerous studies have shown links between the two. If you want to have a healthy brain, build a healthy body. Are you unsure of the benefits of exercise? Are you unfamiliar with the link between exercise and brain function? Keep…

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The Perfect Guide to Home Boot Camp Equipment

Boot Camp Equipment 5 Beauty Fit Bootcamp

Having a few key pieces of boot camp equipment at home can amp up your game (and tone you up between classes). You might want to train on your time in between classes, and you wonder what kind of boot camp equipment you need. Despite what you think, don’t be overwhelmed, you don’t need all…

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Need A Pick-Me-Up? 5 Best Post Workout Snacks

best post workout snacks

If you’re serious about your exercising, you know that it’s important to have the best post workout snacks, because fitness isn’t just about what you do during your set, it’s also what goes on before and after. In that case, you have to know what you need to get into your body, and the best…

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Easy Guide To Fitness Meals Planning

Fitness Meals Planning

Managing life, work and responsibilities and finding time to exercise requires planning, specifically fitness meals planning. Dietary needs are different when introducing a training schedule in your routine: your muscles need to be fed the proper foods (in sufficient amount) and you need enough energy to go through your day and workouts. It is easy…

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What do you need to eat to burn fat and build muscle

burn fat and build muscle

Knowing what foods to avoid will  increase the efficiency of the fitness program and will help us achieve our goal : burn fat and build muscle ! So here is a little help, from me, to you. There is a natural process happening, called SDA or Specific Dynamic Action also know as Thermic effect of food: it’s…

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The Benefits of a Fitness Boot Camp

Boot Camp

The notion of boot camp brings images of military discipline and soldiers crawling in mud carrying a heavy backpack. If the concept of fitness boot camp is inspired by the army physical training, the environment needs not be as traumatic. In fact, boot camp classes bring benefits beyond toned muscles and increased strength. No peer…

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Tips on Boot Camp for Weight Loss

Boot camp lose weight

Is boot camp fitness an efficient method to lose weight? When you think about it, the soldiers sweating and grunting while jumping and sprinting under the command of a drill sergeant get in shape. The purpose is not to measure their resistance to torturous exercises; it’s to get fit, gain strength and endurance to be…

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