Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Women

essential vitamins and minerals

There’s a reason why they’re called “essential vitamins and minerals”. As humans, we need these key nutrients to run necessary body processes, like digestion and system regulation. As women, we differ from men in a myriad of ways, so it’s no wonder that our bodies need more gender-specific nutrition. Depending on your age, you may…

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The Dangers of Emotional Eating

Emotional Eating Dangers | Beauty Fit Boot Camp | Chula Vista San Diego California

Do you feel like you fall into the trap of emotional eating and don’t feel in control of your impulses? Do you feel like eating when you’re stressed, sad, anxious will help you feel better? How do you feel afterward? Do you tend to eat more when you’re happy or unhappy? These are questions to…

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Fitness Nutrition: What Food Cravings Really Mean

food cravings

Is it true that we should eat more when exercising? Is it a myth? Is it that we just crave more food because we’re tired and weak? What does our body really need? When we talk about fitness nutrition, more doesn’t always mean better, and we know that the more we eat, the more calories…

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Fitness Nutrition: How to Manage Your Food Intake

fitness nutrition

When it comes to fitness nutrition and managing the calories that you consume versus the amount of calories that you burn, a lot of people don’t have a clear idea of how to optimize what they eat to reach their fitness goal and not feel hungry or deprived. It’s easy but hard at the same…

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10 Superfoods to Help You be Lean, Fit and Healthy

fitness superfoods

It’s a new year! New year, new you? We say, why not? With these fitness superfoods you’ll be able to stay fuller longer, perform better and get to your goal weight without craving bad foods. Well, almost, these are super foods but… they don’t have super powers. Eggs Eggs are a no brainer, right? But…

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