5 Unhealthy Diets That Don't Work

Unhealthy Diets | Beauty Fit Boot Camp Chula Vista

There is no such thing as a miracle diet, there is the diet that works and the diet that doesn’t work…. for you. There is, however, such a thing as safe weight loss. Let’s have a look a 5 examples of unhealthy diets that absolutely don’t work. The Dangers of Miracle Diets Why are these…

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Fitness and Healthy Eating Habits: 2 Peas in a Pod

Healthy Eating Habits Beauty Fit Boot Camp

You might think of yourself as a fitness guru – having perfected your regimen, your number of sets, your max reps…even going so far as to embrace leg day. You may even already know that healthy eating habits play just as important a role (if not more important) as your workout when it comes to…

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Is A Low Carb Diet The Way To Go?

Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon of a low carb diet. Ever since the Atkins diet, on to the Paleo diet, people have put carbs into the evil category. But, is a low carb diet the way to go? Is it for you? We’re constantly told to reduce our carb intake because it turns into…

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The Best Post Workout Foods For Women

Post Workout Foods

Post workout foods are essential in the recovery period to minimize later risks of injuries and provide your metabolism with enough to fully function. Working out is recognized for keeping people young, fit and healthy but after exercising, your body needs some pick-me up. Why do you need post workout foods? When you workout, your…

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5 Healthy Foods To Eat When You’re Craving Sweets

Craving Sweets

Anyone at some point during the day is going to experience a craving for sweet but most of us would rather eat healthy foods to satisfy the hunger tingle. Here are the reasons for the craving sweets and how to remedy to them. What are the reasons behind the sugar addiction? Why are we craving…

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Tips on Boot Camp for Weight Loss

Boot camp lose weight

Is boot camp fitness an efficient method to lose weight? When you think about it, the soldiers sweating and grunting while jumping and sprinting under the command of a drill sergeant get in shape. The purpose is not to measure their resistance to torturous exercises; it’s to get fit, gain strength and endurance to be…

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How to Prepare a Week of Fitness Meals in 1 Hour?

meal preparation

To prepare a week’s worth of fitness meals may sound like an impossible task, and a chore you don’t feel up to. That would be herculean labor when we look at the time it takes us to prepare one meal. But if you’ve started to fit exercise in your schedule, you will come to realize…

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