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10 Superfoods to Help You be Lean, Fit and Healthy

fitness superfoods

It’s a new year! New year, new you? We say, why not? With these fitness superfoods you’ll be able to stay fuller longer, perform better and get to your goal weight without craving bad foods. Well, almost, these are super foods but… they don’t have super powers. Eggs Eggs are a no brainer, right? But…

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The Best Ways to Track Fitness Progress

When you initially begin a fitness and/or nutrition program, be sure to use more than just your scale to track fitness progress. There are many ways your body will tell you that you’re doing a great job and sometimes you won’t see the numbers on the scale drop right away. Sure, measuring your weight is…

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Weight Management: How to Survive Holiday Feasts

weight management

Holiday season might be worst time for someone on a weight management journey, trying to survive the holiday feasts and traps that pop at every corner. From office environment having all kinds of sweet treats at everyone’s reach, to Starbucks bringing in the holiday flavors, temptation is imminent. We get it, the struggle is real.…

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The Perfect Guide to Home Boot Camp Equipment

Boot Camp Equipment 5 Beauty Fit Bootcamp

Having a few key pieces of boot camp equipment at home can amp up your game (and tone you up between classes). You might want to train on your time in between classes, and you wonder what kind of boot camp equipment you need. Despite what you think, don’t be overwhelmed, you don’t need all…

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Is A Low Carb Diet The Way To Go?

Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon of a low carb diet. Ever since the Atkins diet, on to the Paleo diet, people have put carbs into the evil category. But, is a low carb diet the way to go? Is it for you? We’re constantly told to reduce our carb intake because it turns into…

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True Or False: Interval Training Helps To Lose Weight

Interval Training

How many times have you heard people talk about high intensity interval training, HIIT for those in the know? This concept, closely related to the principles of circuit training (think boot camp) has been on the rise for the last couple of years, and with good reason. What is interval training? It’s pretty much explained…

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The Importance Of Group Support In A Women Boot Camp

Women Boot Camp

There’s a big difference between going to the gym alone and being a participant in a women boot camp. You might have felt like the odd girl out at the gym surrounded by men or around super skinny girls that make you wonder why they’re there in the first place. You have no support, no…

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