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Healthy Snack Ideas to Substitute Your Bad Cravings

healthy snack ideas

It is true. We are all guilty. Even the strongest of will have fallen victim to an extra-large scoop of ice cream or the chocolate candy bar with caramel and nougat that mysteriously found its way into your grocery cart. We are but human, and as such, we often crave foods that are not necessarily…

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The Dangers of Emotional Eating

Emotional Eating Dangers | Beauty Fit Boot Camp | Chula Vista San Diego California

Do you feel like you fall into the trap of emotional eating and don’t feel in control of your impulses? Do you feel like eating when you’re stressed, sad, anxious will help you feel better? How do you feel afterward? Do you tend to eat more when you’re happy or unhappy? These are questions to…

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6 Ways Strength Training Will Change Your Life

Strength Training

While cardio training has been over-advertised over the past years, strength training is now recognized to be just as important. Yes, cardio is still important but it shouldn’t be your only focus, a good workout plan should always include cardio and strength training to be totally complete and effective (boot camp fitness anyone?). False beliefs…

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How do boot camp women fight cellulite?

boot camp women

How do boot camp women fight cellulite? A woman who has the tendency to develop cellulite will always have to fight to keep it at bay. The way Boot camp women live their lives revolves around this very fight. The 3 keys to a good anti-cellulite training program are: 1- Losing body fat by following…

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The Best Post Workout Foods For Women

Post Workout Foods

Post workout foods are essential in the recovery period to minimize later risks of injuries and provide your metabolism with enough to fully function. Working out is recognized for keeping people young, fit and healthy but after exercising, your body needs some pick-me up. Why do you need post workout foods? When you workout, your…

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5 Healthy Foods To Eat When You’re Craving Sweets

Craving Sweets

Anyone at some point during the day is going to experience a craving for sweet but most of us would rather eat healthy foods to satisfy the hunger tingle. Here are the reasons for the craving sweets and how to remedy to them. What are the reasons behind the sugar addiction? Why are we craving…

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Easy Guide To Fitness Meals Planning

Fitness Meals Planning

Managing life, work and responsibilities and finding time to exercise requires planning, specifically fitness meals planning. Dietary needs are different when introducing a training schedule in your routine: your muscles need to be fed the proper foods (in sufficient amount) and you need enough energy to go through your day and workouts. It is easy…

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What do you need to eat to burn fat and build muscle

burn fat and build muscle

Knowing what foods to avoid will  increase the efficiency of the fitness program and will help us achieve our goal : burn fat and build muscle ! So here is a little help, from me, to you. There is a natural process happening, called SDA or Specific Dynamic Action also know as Thermic effect of food: it’s…

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The Benefits of a Fitness Boot Camp

Boot Camp

The notion of boot camp brings images of military discipline and soldiers crawling in mud carrying a heavy backpack. If the concept of fitness boot camp is inspired by the army physical training, the environment needs not be as traumatic. In fact, boot camp classes bring benefits beyond toned muscles and increased strength. No peer…

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Tips on Boot Camp for Weight Loss

Boot camp lose weight

Is boot camp fitness an efficient method to lose weight? When you think about it, the soldiers sweating and grunting while jumping and sprinting under the command of a drill sergeant get in shape. The purpose is not to measure their resistance to torturous exercises; it’s to get fit, gain strength and endurance to be…

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