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The Unseen Calorie Source: Hidden Sugars

hidden sugars

Losing weight and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle requires determination and keeping a close watch on your calorie intake. Most dieters and weight-watchers switch to healthier diet options, paying close attention to the food labels on products and opting for those which have the least sugar content. Foods with marketing labels like “whole-grain”, “fat-free”,…

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15 Healthy Food Substitutions To Satisfy Those Hunger Pangs

Food substitutions

Losing weight and getting yourself back in shape requires willpower to resist giving in to habits that can set you back. Dietitians often advise dieters on the distinction between hunger pangs and cravings. One is a physical need, while the other is psychological and habitual need for comfort. A craving will usually pass in time…

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Standing Up To A Sedentary Lifestyle: Get Off Your Chair Now!

sedentary lifestyle

The progress of technology is on an exponential upward curve, as is our dependence on it. As the tech industry continues to weave its way into our daily lives, health experts and watchers are growing increasingly alarmed at how associated health risks are taking a similar exponential path of progression. Today, with the mobile industry…

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