10 Butt Lifting Exercises You Can Do At Home

Do these quick and effective butt lifting exercises from the comfort of your home. In the time it would have taken you to get ready and dressed, you could have done an entire butt shaping workout. You can do these exercises anywhere, any time.

1. The Infamous Squat

Squats are probably the most effective butt lifting exercises because they incorporate the largest muscles in your body, including the gluteus maximus – AKA your butt! When you squat, you’re working nearly the entire muscle region. Squats are an effective exercise for seeing results fast!

The key to doing a safe and proper squat is to use the correct form and posture. Follow this guide to assure your form is correct – keep your feet flat on the ground, knees behind your toes, chest up.

2. Forward Lunge

Lunges are simple, and yet overlooked by many. They’re easy to do in the sense that you can do them just about anywhere – while you’re out for a walk, running, even running errands (grocery aisle lunges anyone?). You can practice forward lunges everywhere you go. Crank the exercise up a notch by holding dumbbells.

3. Donkey Kicks

These are perfect for those moments you have while sitting in front of the TV. During commercial breaks get down on the floor and do 3 minutes of these! From this starting position pictured below, raise your knee up and down for 1 minute or so. You should feel a slow burn in your lower buttocks area. Switch legs.

4. Sumo Squats with Side Crunches

Unlike the traditional squat, you begin in ballet’s second position, with kneesd and toes pointed outward. From the squat position you move upwards while raising one leg and side crunching your outside need towards your outside shoulder. The movement looks similar to the side steps taken by Japanese sumo wrestlers and works your obliques, core, and gluteus muscles.

5. Fire Hydrant

This is another butt lifting exercise you can do on the floor while watching tv. It’s similar to the donkey kick but instead of raising your knee back, you raise it to the side. Lift and lower in reverse fashion. To take it up a notch you can extend the leg all the way out at the top of the lift. These exercises work your inner thigh regions (adductors) and outer hip muscles (abductors).

6. Jump Squat

Once you have the basics of a regular squat figured out. Finish it with a controlled jump. Jumping further engages your core muscles and stimulates your large leg muscles groups, translating into more butt lifting exercise benefits.

7. High Knees

This one can be as simple or as challenging as you want to make it. They can also be done in place or while moving forward. In a single motion, hop and lift one knee at a 90 degree angle towards your chest and immediately alternate with your other leg. Try going at a brisk pace for 1 minute, rest for 30 seconds, then repeat.

8. Side Lunge

Similar to the standard squat in form, except you are taking a wide step to the side with one leg and squatting. Remember, chest up, knees in line with toes, strong back. You can add weights if desired.

9. Hip Raises

This butt lifting exercise is perfect to kill dead time and to relax at the end of the day. Do it on the floor while you watch tv, it’s pretty much as shown in the pick and not only is a butt lifting exercise but also helps straighten your back.

10. Step Ups

Step ups are great to work your glutes, your core, and essentially your entire body. You can use a sturdy chair or stool, just be careful of slippery surfaces and uneven areas. You can even use a stack of big heavy books. With one leg, step up on the platform while raising the other leg to meet it.

The key to this movement is to move slowly and with intention. Drawing out the move in a more controlled fashion is what makes it a butt lifting exercise. The more engaged your gluteal muscles are, the more lifting action there will be. Once you’re up you can do variations like bringing the first leg up to your chest in a half crunch, or doing a controlled kick to the front, back or side, or a side crunch.

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