Fitness Nutrition: How to Manage Your Food Intake

When it comes to fitness nutrition and managing the calories that you consume versus the amount of calories that you burn, a lot of people don’t have a clear idea of how to optimize what they eat to reach their fitness goal and not feel hungry or deprived.

It’s easy but hard at the same time.

Fitness nutrition 101

When you are not doing any type of formal physical activity, that is, not purposefully moving your body to burn calories, your body naturally burns about 1800-2200 calories per day. If you consume more than those calories each day, chances are your body will slowly gain weight. But that doesn’t mean that if your calorie intake is just under the amount that your burn you will lose weight, as the calorie detriment should happen more dramatically and be consistent.

Then, how do I optimize food so that if I don’t exercise I lose weight? Choose foods that are green based, vegetables, fruits, lean meats, beans, eggs, milk. Ditch the white flours, the processed foods and the sugars as much as you can. Maintaining a healthy weight is about slowly changing habits, and the same applies for losing or gaining weight in a healthy way.

Working Out and Food

For a fitness nutrition program that goes hand in hand with losing weight, we advise the same as above: change your eating habits to that of a farmer, so to speak. Eat natural products and combine it with exercise. The more you work out the more hungry you’ll be because your body will be burning calories, and burning fat. The more muscle you build the more fat you’ll burn just sitting there, therefore your body will crave more calories. But your body craves nutritional calories, not empty calories. So when you finish your workout and you crave some french fries, your body is in fact craving a healthy fat. Have some nuts. If you crave a burger, have a hard boiled egg or a piece of salmon. Even an avocado toast.

Here’s a calculator to help you get an idea of how many calories a day you need to achieve your fitness level.

To optimize the food you consume so that it’s not a hassle to count calories, you can
1 download an app on your phone,
2 choose to consume as many vegetables as you can, (4 oz of meat for lunch and dinner, some beans and nuts throughout the day, 1-2 fruits a day, whole grains and a starch like a small sweet potato for dinner).

However, if you’re serious about losing or gaining weight in a healthy way, we recommend you stick to a fitness and meal program that will keep you accountable and you’ll see the results sooner rather than later!

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