Weight Management: How to Survive Holiday Feasts

Holiday season might be worst time for someone on a weight management journey, trying to survive the holiday feasts and traps that pop at every corner. From office environment having all kinds of sweet treats at everyone’s reach, to Starbucks bringing in the holiday flavors, temptation is imminent. We get it, the struggle is real. And that is why we want to help you survive the holiday feasts like a boss.

Whether you’re just starting or on your way to your goal weight, holidays shouldn’t be a roadblock for your success. Yes, it will be hard, but hopefully these tips will help you stay on track.

BYOA: Bring Your Own Appetizer

A great way to avoid getting tangled in all the tempting holiday meals is to bring your own. If you know your struggle is before the meals with chips, dips, salsas and all kinds of fatty foods, make your own healthy dip or veggie tray. Load it with tons of different vegetables, broccoli, cauliflower, bell peppers (yellow and orange especially), cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, cucumbers, even zucchinis! Use a fat free dressing and eat to your heart’s content. That way, you’ll be pretty full by the time the meal comes.

Talk to the Host (if you can)

If you’re heading to a party and you feel you can talk to the host ahead of time, ask what kind of meals they will be serving. There’s nothing wrong with that, people have different dietary restrictions and you could be making sure there’s nothing you won’t be able to eat. Being prepared is key. If you know they’ll have a taco bar, or if they have a vegetarian option, or if they’ll be serving pizza, you can eat ahead of time and arrive full to eat less at the party.

Islands not Continents

In many weight management programs they tell us to fill the plate in a way that the different sides don’t touch each other.Thus, island not continents. Serve small amounts of each side but don’t let them touch! If they touch, you’ve served too much. You can eat a little bit of everything and enjoy the holiday food (like sweet potato casserole, yum!) and not feel guilty.

See Your Weight Management as Your Christmas Present or New Year’s Resolution

You’re ahead of the game. You can survive holiday feasts. You’re not like those who say they’ll start a diet after New Year’s, because that turns into after Valentine’s Day, after Easter, you get the picture. You’ve already started, and you know what you want. Reward yourself every time you say no to pie, or after every party you resisted temptation. Make a wish list and check one item off as a reward! You’ll feel so much better than if you ate a whole cake, because you’ll be not only one step closer to your ultimate goal weight but you’ll also be proud of how strong you are!

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