How a Healthy Diet and a Fit Body Can Help to Prevent Illness

You probably know that a healthy diet can help you lose weight. It’s definitely true that health and fitness go hand in hand, and that definitely includes much more than simple physical health. All of the systems in your body are connected, and weakness in one can disrupt your entire life. Remember, the body is like a chain- you’re only as strong as your weakest link. Keeping up on your nutrition and exercise can make all the difference, especially when it comes to fighting off colds in the fall and winter months. Here’s what you can do:

“You Are What You Eat” – A Healthy Diet for Your Body

The saying exists for a reason. Your body’s processes are fueled by various nutrients – vitamins and minerals that catalyze chemicals and provide energy and resilience to your cells. A healthy diet that is balanced in nutrients provides your body with the tools it needs to grow, but also the resources to repair damage from exertion and illness, as well as the energy to fight illness in the first place.

A healthy diet includes fruits and vegetables to fight infections, dairy products to fortify bones, sources of protein to repair and build muscle, and healthy fats and carbohydrates to facilitate your body’s various processes. A general rule of thumb is to eat fresh whenever you can, especially when it comes to the fruits and vegetables. Failing that, frozen foods retain vitamins better than canned ones (which may be higher in salt content, contributing to heart disease.)

“You Are What You Do” – Health and Fitness for Your Body

This phrase is a bit more ambiguous. Put simply, it doesn’t mean much that you maintain a healthy diet if you do not make use of it via exercise. Exercise helps to stimulate the metabolism and improve circulation, two effects which make sure the vitamins and minerals get distributed quickly and efficiently to all of the body’s cells. Regular exercise trims fat and contributes to the breakdown of blockages in the circulatory system. This clearing of waste and a number of other factors all make it difficult for disease to gain a foothold in the body, given it has no place to fester, as all of the body’s resources are being distributed effectively.

One thing you may not know, however, is that illness can be brought on by stress. A stressed body is a fatigued body, one that is damaged and vulnerable to infection. A moderate level of exercise, however, de-stresses and revitalizes the body, which boosts mood – and believe it or not, your mood can affect your physical wellness. It’s all quite connected.

Health and fitness go together like peanut butter and jelly (a great post workout snack, by the way), and it all starts with a healthy diet. Practicing good habits, such as consuming the right nutrients in the right amounts can boost your physical, mental, and emotional health, which all in turn contribute to your physical energy and activity. Staying physically active makes the most of what you consume and also boosts your mood by reducing stress. All of these factors help to prevent illness, leading to a healthier, happier you.

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