7 Tips to Fight Food Cravings

If you are struggling to fight food cravings, you’re not alone. It can be difficult to stick to your diet when you are tempted to eat cookies, donuts and other high-calorie treats. However, if you eat the right foods and change some of your lifestyle habits, it’s possible to kick these cravings for good.

Include more protein in your diet

One of the best ways to get your cravings under control is to eat more protein. When your body doesn’t get enough protein, your blood sugar levels can go out of whack, causing you to crave sweets. If you include protein-rich foods, like chicken, eggs and fish, in your diet, you will feel more satisfied and won’t be tempted to reach for that box of cookies.

Fight food cravings with distractions

If your food cravings are caused by boredom or anxiety, it’s helpful to do an activity that will take your mind off of food. The next time you are stressed out about work or have nothing to do, go for a brisk walk or read a book.

Drink water

Hunger can sometimes get confused with dehydration. When you don’t drink enough water, you can get more frequent food cravings. Aim to drink at least eight cups of water a day. If you are exercising or out in the heat for hours, you may need to drink even more water.

Choose healthy treats

If you are craving something before dinner, choose healthy snacks over chips and cookies. Nutritious snacks are lower in calories and higher in vitamins and minerals. For example, if you are in need of something salty, snack on some pistachios. These nuts are filling and packed with antioxidants.

Get moving

Exercise is one of the best fitness food tips for cravings. When you are tempted to eat junk food, go for a jog or bike ride. A good workout will boost your mood and take your mind off your cravings.

Chew gum

Reaching for a stick of sugarless gum can also help you fight food cravings. Purchase various flavors of gum, so you don’t get tired of it.

Don’t allow yourself to get too hungry

Going too long without eating can trigger cravings. Eating healthy snacks between meals can keep you full and prevent you from reaching for junk food.

The battle against cravings – whether they are the results of stress, emotions or improperly balanced nutrition – is never lost unless you give up. Keep your goals in mind, your health in check and remember how you feel when you take care of yourself. Just take it one day at a time.

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