The Perfect Guide to Home Boot Camp Equipment

Having a few key pieces of boot camp equipment at home can amp up your game (and tone you up between classes).

You might want to train on your time in between classes, and you wonder what kind of boot camp equipment you need. Despite what you think, don’t be overwhelmed, you don’t need all of the pieces. They’re great to have, of course, but with these few, you’ll get a great workout nonetheless.

Must-Have Boot Camp Equipment

Boot Camp Equipment 1 Beauty Fit BootcampExercise Mat

If you’re working on wooden floors or outdoors, it’s recommended to have an exercise mat to cushion your hands, elbows and knees for when you’re doing floorwork.


If you’re just starting out, buy two 3 lbs dumbbells to give you a push, and as you get better you can increase the weight.

SandbagBoot Camp Equipment 2 Beauty Fit Bootcamp

If you’re super committed to workout at home, a sandbag is a great investment. It helps with a bunch of exercises and you won’t regret buying one!


There are these special times where you can set them for 50 minutes work, 10 second rest and set the intervals you want. They’re awesome to push you to the next level!

Boot Camp Equipment Extras

Boot Camp Equipment 3 Beauty Fit BootcampMedicine Ball

There is a ton of workouts you can do using a support like a medicine ball. They’re great to do abs, mountain climbers, squat jumps, and many more.

Aerobics Riser

Unless you have a really sturdy platform to step on, an aerobic step riser is a great investment. Most of the times, as with the dip station, you can store it under the bed!

Balance TrainerBoot Camp Equipment 4 Beauty Fit Bootcamp

A balance trainer with or without resistance bands is awesome for a whole body workout. It’s a classic of boot camp equipment, used in rehabilitation, and by personal trainers.

We know you enjoy your group classes, but we also know you’re motivated enough to squeeze in a few exercises at home until we meet next time. You don’t need the whole set of boot camp equipment; pick your favorites and go for it!

Beauty Fit Boot Camp is designed by women, for women.

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