Need A Pick-Me-Up? 5 Best Post Workout Snacks

If you’re serious about your exercising, you know that it’s important to have the best post workout snacks, because fitness isn’t just about what you do during your set, it’s also what goes on before and after. In that case, you have to know what you need to get into your body, and the best way to gather those nutrients. Post workout is all about recovery and strengthening. If you’re looking to replace what you lost and build on top of that, you’re going to need a lot of protein to patch up damaged muscles and pack on even more. Keeping that in mind, here’s a list of the 5 best post workout snacks- tasty combos that get the job done, just like you.

4 of the best post workout snacks

Trail- mix

A proper trail mix contains a good blend of proteins and other nutrients to give you energy and get you back on your feet after a tough workout. Try a combination of banana chips, coconut, dark chocolate chips, and macadamia nuts.

Protein Bar

Convenient for the person always on the go, a protein bar already contains all of the things you need for your workout and recovery- just make sure you’re looking at ingredients carefully- stay away from too much sugar (anything over 10 grams) and make sure you recognize everything on the list.

Tuna and Crackers

Omelettes not your forte? Keep it nice and simple! When it comes to the best post workout snacks, it doesn’t get much better than an old childhood favorite. Spread some tuna over whole grain crackers to get ample protein and carbohydrates into your system. Watch the salt!

Chocolate Milk

Even simpler than the Tuna and Crackers, a glass or two of chocolate milk takes basically no time to prepare and yet remains a good source of protein.

The 5th: snack that can turn into a meal


A well prepared veggie omelette packs in everything you need post workout, and is actually a meal to boot! Try a couple of eggs, along with a smattering of diced vegetables (the more colorful, the better).
You want to eat in the right amount after, say, a boot camp class: enough that the recovery process will be effective, not so much that your digestion is slowing you down. A snack will sustain you until the next meal. That omelette? Add an extra egg, beans, and you’ve got yourself a nice lunch or dinner, loaded with health benefits.

The best post workout snacks matter because what you do after those tough hours matters just as much, if not more, than how you handle yourself during your session. Proper post workout nutrition means you stay healthy. Focus on getting the protein and carbs you need, and that will help you reach the results you want. Train Hard. Play Hard. Eat Better.

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