The Importance Of Group Support In A Women Boot Camp

There’s a big difference between going to the gym alone and being a participant in a women boot camp. You might have felt like the odd girl out at the gym surrounded by men or around super skinny girls that make you wonder why they’re there in the first place. You have no support, no one to talk to and you might feel judged by the clothes you’re wearing or how much you weigh.

Working out should be motivating!

When you sign up for a women boot camp you’ll be around peers that are going through the same things you are. They need motivation to get out there every day, they need support to keep going and and encouragement just like you. You might even find women with kids the same age as yours, or getting ready to get married or single and ready to mingle. You may make amazing friendships because once you get around with people with one same goal, you have something in common and you can bond.

Find your tribe at a women boot camp

Having support while you do anything that takes a lot of determination and discipline is crucial to help us keep running the race. And when that support entails more than one person, a whole group of people running the same race as you, it makes the struggle less of a struggle and more something to look forward to! Think about when you meet your friends for coffee or lunch – take a women boot camp the same way; meeting a bunch of girls like you with one thing in common, being healthy and in shape, fighting every day not to quit. Together you can all get the support you need!

Having a support system is a game changer

We know how two is better than one and how they say it takes a village to raise a child. People quit going to the gym all the time and you don’t see that many people running outside by themselves, and it’s because they might not have the support they need! When you join a group, whatever the group may be, it is proven that it makes walking the extra mile a lot easier, and in a women boot camp you don’t have to worry about looking pretty (why do girls wear makeup when they’re going to sweat at the gym?), having the most expensive workout outfit or anything else than showing up, slash the workout and celebrate the achievements you all reached that day.

A women boot camp can offer you not only an amazing daily workout and great results but a social niche where you can find friends that will understand what you’re going through, that won’t let you quit and that will celebrate the victories of becoming a healthier leaner version of yourself.

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