It's in the core… essential boot camp workout routines deciphered

We’ll get you in the scope of what the most popular boot camp workout routines that work the core are, so if you feel inspired you can do them at home as well.
You may have heard the words “burpees”, “mountain climbers”, and you were like huh? Are they speaking English? Boot camp training has not only become their own big giant when it comes to high intensity interval training, but it’s also a world on its own. Don’t worry though, you can be a part of that world!

Boot camp workout routines to kick up your heart rate

Jumping Jacks

You probably don’t need an explanation on this one, but we’d like to highlight the benefits that jumping jacks bring to the workout. Yes, they can be a pain, but they’re excellent to get the heart rate going and loosen up the muscles to have a better routine overall. Remember that the higher your heart rate, the more fat you burn, that’s why it’s important to keep moving and only take 10 seconds rests.

Squat jumps

These are a similar version of the Jacks but they will work your whole lower body area. Jump as high as you can and then land in a squat. Make sure your knees don’t go past your toes.

Burpees and half burpees

These are the biggest punishment, I know. That’s why they’re highly used in the military and a no-miss on a boot camp workout routine. They’re amazing for your core. You can start with a quick jump, go down on your hands and feet like if you’re going to do a push up, bring your lower body in bending at the waist, go back to the push up position, and up and jump again.

High knees

High knees are great because not only they get the heart rate up but they work your abs as well. Go as fast as you can!

Boot camp workout routines that make your whole body go “wheee”

Push ups and planks

Two different things that work the whole body. Push ups focus mainly on your arms, but you’ll notice the more you do them the more you’ll start feeling it in the core. Planks are basically stationary push ups. To get a more intense workout, instead of staying on your palms, lower your arms and rest on your forearms. Stay like that 1 minute a day at least and you’ll start seeing results on your core. Start with 30 seconds if you can’t take 1 whole minute.
These might be the essence of boot camp workout routines. Can’t properly get fit without those, can you?

Side plank with rotation

These are hard! But they’re the best for your abs and love handles. If you want to target that area this is definitely a work out you should try. The first time it won’t look good, it might not even be possible for you to finish it. But don’t give up and keep trying! Start at a plank position, and then resting only on one arm, bring the other arm up rotating your whole body to the same side as your lifted arm. Stay like that a few seconds and repeat on the other side.

A good variation to this is while you’re on the side, lower your hips without touching the floor and get up again, that will work the side area even more to burn that fat that rests on your sides. And there are always ways to crank it up a notch. Exercises to tone the abs are nearly endless.

Mountain climbers

Another great core exercise: start in a push up position and bring your knees to your chest alternating them. Do it faster and faster and you’ll burn all that ab fat.
A great variation is to start in the same position and open and close your legs as if you were doing a jumping jack but on the floor.

Russian twists

These are also great for the core and the sides. Sit up and rest your whole weight on your butt. Suspend your legs in the air at about 90 degrees and twist your upper body left and right. You can use a ball or a weight to help you out.

Sit ups

Of course! There are so many variations to sit ups but you can do regular crunches, that is bringing your upper body half way up, the bicycle crunch that consists on bringing your legs up on a bike motion, resting your upper body on the floor and just lifting your head slightly, the reverse crunch, lifting your legs up to the check or to the air, or the crunch twist, bringing your body up like a regular crunch and then twisting your upper body to one side. Try any of these to achieve great results.

They might seem intimidating but we promise you, boot camp workout routines are totally worth it! Soon you’ll be rocking the whole routine and once you start seeing changes on your body you won’t want to stop. How intensely you work out depends on your capacity and endurance, so remember to always train safely.

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