Body fit boot camp : fitness wear advice

If you have ever been to the gym and taken body fit boot camp classes you know they can be quite intense. The last thing you want when going to the gym or doing any type of sports for that matter, is to get injured or be uncomfortable. The best way to protect yourself is to purchase the right kind of fitness wear.

What is body fit boot camp

Body fit boot camp is a new type of fitness session based on military style training. It’s a full body workout that can be done indoor or outdoor and actually doesnt require, at least for beginners, any equipment. These are high intensity workouts and if you are totally out of shape, you may want to start slow.
Because there is very little rest in between reps, the heart rate stays high and more calories are burnt.

What fitness wear is best for body fit boot camp?

There are two reasons (plus one) why you want to buy the adequate fitness wear when going to your body fit bootcamp class:

  • Safety (nothing so loose or long that you could trip on it and be disturbed in your movements)
  • Comfort (not too tight so you can still breathe; fabrics that are designed for fitness and can absorb moisture and let the skin breathe)
  • Peace of mind? (enough support to not be victim of wardrobe malfunction)

Here are our tips:

  • Sports bra. No just a tank top, no underwire, but a real comfortable fitted sports bra.
  • Wear natural fabrics such as cotton. No polyester or other because they do not absorb moisture and you might get overheated and very uncomfortable.
  • Wear fitted shorts and sports capris. Avoid regular shorts and capris because of certain postures.
  • Athletic shoes that will protect your ankles and offer a good grip on the floor to avoid slipping.

If you’re investing time in body fit boot camp to become toner, leaner and overall better, you should invest in fitness wear that works for you and the type of exercise. If you are not sure what works, chat with your classmates. If they are comfortable, and if they are boot camp veterans, chances are they tried several outfits and zeroed in on the best. The sportswear industry knows it well enough to offer garments for every sport: comfort, support, safety and style.

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