Boot Camp Workout Recovery With Cryotherapy: Cool Down Quick!

Doctors have known about the benefits of using cold temperatures for athletic recovery for a long time, but prepare yourself for a whole new approach to it- workout recovery with cryotherapy takes these ideas to the next level to give you supercharged rebuilding after even the toughest gym session.
After an intense workout, who doesn’t crave a nice cold shower? It’s not just the feeling of getting clean, it’s also the cold temperatures on our skin– that shocking but pleasant sensation- and then the incredibly fresh feeling once we step out into the warmth again.

Benefits of workout recovery with cryotherapy

So what is cryotherapy? It might sound like something a James Bond villain might use, in fact it might even look a little bit like that, but it’s actually much cooler than that. (Get it? Get it? Okay no more bad puns, we promise).
Cryotherapy literally just means to treat with cold temperatures, but a new type of treatment called Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is designed to give your body an intense freshening up. WBC can reduce swelling, assist blood deliver oxygen and nutrients, improve your metabolism, burn calories quick, and feel great. Not only that, but the experience itself is exciting enough to be worth a try just on its own!
As it happens workout recovery with cryotherapy is widely used by high performance athletes, professional sports teams and fitness enthusiasts.

How it’s Done

Special cryosaunas are the telephone booths you use to transform into the super-healthy fitness hero you’ve always wanted to be. These chambers use liquid nitrogen to cool the air inside of them down to -250°F… yes, you read that right, negative two-hundred and fifty degrees Fahrenheit. That’s more than 100 degrees colder than the coldest temperature ever recorded in the South Pole!
Like a sauna or tanning bed, you’ll enter the booth wearing almost no clothing, just some slippers and gloves for safety. This makes your skin rapidly lose heat, causing blood vessels to contract to keep your core its natural, happy temperature. After standing in the booth for just three minutes maximum, you’ll step back out to the best room-temperature temperature you’ve ever felt in your life- as your blood vessels expand again, blood flows better than it did before, and your brain releases a serious rush of endorphins.
For some people, the effects of the cryosauna can last for five or six hours, making them feel simultaneously extremely relaxed while also extremely focused. So not only will workout recovery with cryotherapy rid you of aches and soreness, it will also make you happier and potentially smarter (promote clearer thinking, at any rate).

Add it to Your Boot Camp Routine

Extreme workouts need extreme recovery methods, and after attending a boot camp session, cryotherapy can help you get the most out of all the hard work you’ve put into your fitness.
Intense drill-like exercises are challenging every muscle of your body, with minimal rest between reps (that’s the whole point of boot camp). And while you want to commit to the discipline of attending classes regularly, getting the motivation for a session when you’re sore can be tricky. Treating yourself to workout recovery with cryotherapy sessions will take care of that dilemma. No more pain, no more excuses.

As an added bonus, cryotherapy can stimulate the production of collagen in your skin and help fight the appearance of aging! In short, cryotherapy gives you a quick cool down that helps you recover extra fast, in every way you could hope for. Once you try workout recovery with cryotherapy, you’ll have no reason not to crave the most intense fitness you can get!

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