6 Ways Strength Training Will Change Your Life

While cardio training has been over-advertised over the past years, strength training is now recognized to be just as important. Yes, cardio is still important but it shouldn’t be your only focus, a good workout plan should always include cardio and strength training to be totally complete and effective (boot camp fitness anyone?).

False beliefs about strength training

Many believe strength training is complicated, time consuming and sometime expensive, however this has proven to be wrong.
You have multiple ways to accomplish a good workout without having to spend two hours a day exercising or $500 a week. Body weight would be a great example, it can be accomplished almost anywhere and is totally free! It is very easy to accomplish a few abs, push-ups and squats over the course of the day; you do not need to go to the gym or to have any kind of special equipment or machines.

Of course, this is not your only option, if abs and push-ups are not for you, you can always turn to resistance tubing (resistance tubes can be bought in almost every sporting goods stores and are very cheap), or free weights can also be easily done with barbells and dumbbells. Finally, if you love going to the gym, you will find many weight machines surrounding you.

Don’t be scared of strength training or any other kind of exercise. They will not make you look like a bodybuilder; it will help you look thinner, and more toned.
How is it possible? Because building your muscle mass will allow you to lose body fat, which will allow your muscles to show more. Finally, don’t forget, more muscles means higher metabolism: muscles “eat a lot” and need a lot of energy. If you have a good muscle mass and overall healthy eating habits, you are just good to go!

6 ways strength training will change your life

  1. You will feel better about yourself and the way you look; this will give you more confidence in your everyday life, and allow you to push your own limits.
  2. It will make your life easier. You might not realize it but having some strength helps a lot, especially if you are a woman! It can go from carrying groceries to moving some furniture around in the house to redecorate your living room. You will not need to wait for a man to come around to help; you will just be able to do all!
  3. You will be healthier, and this has nothing to do with your weight. Because it will increase your bone density, builds a stronger heart, reduces your resting blood pressure, improves blood flow, halts muscle loss, helps control blood sugar, improves cholesterol levels, and improves your balance and coordination.
  4. It will give you energy! Yes, like any kind of physical activities, strength training gives you energy and you feel less tired all the time.
  5. You will be less stressed and more relaxed, and be in better mood.
  6. You will feel smarter, and think better (strength training has been proven to help increase cognitive function).

You have been killing yourself with cardio for so long… It is now time to try something new! Get a few abs and squats done, take fun classes, meet new people and check out what your gym has to offer! Strength training will make you feel better than ever and full of energy.

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