The Best Post Workout Foods For Women

Post workout foods are essential in the recovery period to minimize later risks of injuries and provide your metabolism with enough to fully function.
Working out is recognized for keeping people young, fit and healthy but after exercising, your body needs some pick-me up.

Why do you need post workout foods?

When you workout, your muscles need calories to burn but post workout foods are the fuel your body and muscles need to recuperate. The first thing we all do after a good workout is drink plenty of fluids, especially water. If your training sessions are particularly intense, sweating can lead to loss of nutrients and dehydration, and you may need an energy drink.

But besides fluids, what your body needs the most is post workout foods. A post workout meal is not necessary a reward for good behavior, it is a way of nourishing your muscles and your whole body in order to recuperate and be able to continue to exercise. So forget the pizza or cheeseburger, think lean protein, whole grain and portion control. During exercise your body uses the pre workout foods as a fuel, so this fuel needs to be replaced with carbohydrates and proteins; that’s what your muscles burned, that’s what they need.

What are the best post workout foods?

You do not want to go overboard but you need to eat, here are a few easy recipes for post workout foods that will satisfy your hunger without undoing your diet or compromising the results of your fitness. Time permitting, forget the protein bars and fix yourself some balanced dishes.

  • Grilled chicken with mixed vegetables
  • Veggie omelettes with avocado
  • Salmon with sweet potatoes
  • Tuna fish, hummus and spinach sandwich on whole wheat bread or wrap

We all know the benefits of sports, but like in other areas of our lives, we have to be smart in how we do things. There are two major rules to remember and apply when you want to workout, build muscle and stay healthy. Choose carefully your pre workout foods and your post workout foods.

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