5 Healthy Foods To Eat When You’re Craving Sweets

Anyone at some point during the day is going to experience a craving for sweet but most of us would rather eat healthy foods to satisfy the hunger tingle. Here are the reasons for the craving sweets and how to remedy to them. What are the reasons behind the sugar addiction?

Why are we craving sweets ? 

There are two main reasons why we are craving sweets.

One is physical with different underlying issues such as low blood sugar due to our choices of foods during the day and tiredness due to lack of sleep.

The other one is psychological: stress can trigger your brain into wanting sweets.
Plus there is yet another reason emerging, it’s the sugar addiction. Eating sugar increases the serotonin levels in our body, which results in a feeling of well being. Because the brain thinks it’s rewarding, it creates a cycle: you eat sugar – you get on a “sugar high” – then your blood sugar comes crashing down and you have a craving for sweets. And so the cycle starts.

How do we fight sugar cravings with healthy foods?

Do not skip a meal and have a healthy snack at the ready. Plus, you must establish your menus in order to avoid craving sweets during the day. If you do not eat any sugar at all you are likely to want sweets. If you eat too much sweets, your blood sugar content will get high and then crash, triggering a need for sugar in order to balance your blood sugar.

5 Healthy foods to eat when you are craving sweets

  • Do not grab a candy bar. Instead grab a couple of squares of chocolate, dark with 70% cocoa content. It’s not too bitter and will cut your cravings.
  • Eat fruits. Even though fruits contain sugar, those are natural sugars that are easily metabolised.
  • Make smoothies. This one’s a doozie because it can be a treat, a snack or a meal all in one  if you mix fruits and vegetables together.
  • And here is one that will not only curb your sweet craving but also be healthy for you, make your own trail mix: a handful of almonds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds and a few dried cranberries and a few peanuts.
  • Feel like having an ice cream? NO! Grab a yogurt instead but not any yogurt either. Greek yogurt with a tiny bit of raw organic honey, a couple of raspberries (or any kind of berries) and some crushed almonds or hazelnut on top. Guilt fruit delight.

Some of us have fought the urge to eat sweets, dealt with bad eating habits, emotional eating and a few other mistakes that led to needing and wanting sweets. Thankfully there is hope for us and our cravings for sweets. We have the opportunity to find quite easily healthy foods alternatives when sweet craving strikes.
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