Easy Guide To Fitness Meals Planning

Managing life, work and responsibilities and finding time to exercise requires planning, specifically fitness meals planning. Dietary needs are different when introducing a training schedule in your routine: your muscles need to be fed the proper foods (in sufficient amount) and you need enough energy to go through your day and workouts.

It is easy to forget to do the right things at the end of the day, when we only want to sit and relax. Knowing what to eat and preparing ahead of time will prevent you from saying “I don’t have time”.
Before moving onto our Guide to Fitness Meals Planning, don’t forget the golden rules:

– Do not start the day on an empty stomach
– Do not exercise on an empty stomach
– Avoid processed, store bought food, try and make your own as much as possible
– Always drink plenty of fluids

Establish a weekly fitness meals planning

Map out  your menus in advance for a whole week of Fitness Meals, which include:

– Breakfast
– Snack
– Lunch
– Snack
– Dinner

Once done, make a list of all the ingredients you will need for all those meals and snacks. When grocery shopping, avoid processed food and focus on fresh ingredients. You can prepare recipes in advance so all you have to do is reheat them.
Choose lean meats and fish and avoid red fatty meat. Your fish and meat will be healthier if grilled and your vegetables will be healthier if steamed. If you cannot grill outdoor, buy a griddle or you broil and bake in the oven.
For your fitness snacks and meals, fruits are your friends, add your favorite in smoothies or on greek yogurt. Fresh fruits are always the best option but for easy transportation or a snack, you can dry your own: preheat oven at 300º,  bake your strawberries for a couple of hours. They will keep a long time in a sealed container. You can even make your own cereal bars for a healthy and energetic snack.

Prepare your fitness meals ahead

Organize your own little cooking workshop (and involve the whole family) on the weekend.
You can cook the elements of a dish in advance. If you like being organized, you can label the storage containers so you know what dish is planned for which day. Once you have mastered the scheduling, you can even prepare for the week in 1 hour.
Fitness meals planning is not meant to be a chore, but to make the week go smoothly and not tap in your energy by cooking and prepping every night.
For quick salads, have tubs of washed lettuce, or spinach (any leafy greens that have your favor) in the refrigerator and cut tomatoes and cucumbers, so all you need to add is the dressing.

Some ingredients, like mushrooms and avocados don’t keep as well because of oxidation (one day at most, with a bit of lemon juice to maintain their color and freshness).
Peel and cut fruits so they are ready for a snack or a smoothie. And keep the jars of nuts filled (a great source of healthy fats and proteins and delicious in a salad).
Fitness meals planning takes organization and advance preparation in order to be, efficient and stress free. You do not want to start guessing, when comes lunch time for instance,  what to have that will keep you awake and alert without ruining your diet and also give you enough energy to workout. With a plan, you can durably stick to a routine and increase your chances of meeting your fitness goals. It may take a few weeks to get it right, but it’s well worth it.

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