What do you need to eat to burn fat and build muscle

Knowing what foods to avoid will  increase the efficiency of the fitness program and will help us achieve our goal : burn fat and build muscle !
So here is a little help, from me, to you. There is a natural process happening, called SDA or Specific Dynamic Action also know as Thermic effect of food: it’s the amount of energy spent while processing food to fuel body function (metabolism) and sustain exercise.. Now that is something wonderful when on a diet and in a  little bit of a hurry, you know, being almost Spring and all.

Food groups that help burn fat and build muscle

No boot camp fitness program can produce results if the muscles don’t have good energy to spend while training: carbs, good fat and proteins.
Super foods, such as whole grain, like oats, are rich in fiber. Green tea, a metabolism booster helps process fat. Nuts (rich in healthy fat) and greens such as broccoli, spinach and celery as well as tomatoes, cucumber, asparagus and green beans.

Fruits provide sugars. The naturals ones  are easily processed and produce energy.

Lean meat proteins are the foods necessary to help build muscle.

And do not forget the benefits of making your own juices and smoothies where you can mix several fruits and or vegetables and add flaxseed or chia seeds for extra nutrients.

Cooking with as little oil as possible (olive oil, coconut or sesame are a good source of healthy fat). Grilling and sauteing is the best way to cook your meat and greens without adding fat in the cooking process.

Burn fat and build muscle with boot camp training

If you only want to lose weight then you can eat these foods, but if your goal is to tone your muscles, you need to have fuel to feed your body before, during and after workouts. When training, the muscles go tap in storage, the body needs access to fibers, fat and proteins to keep the metabolism running and provide the extra energy needed for intensive training. To burn fat and build muscle efficiently, the key is to adopt a healthy dietary plan and follow an exercise program that strengthens the core and doesn’t favor muscle groups for others. Eating less will have the opposite effect of what you are trying to achieve: muscles need food. By not eating enough, your body will switch to stocking mode and store without discrimination (leading to weight gain and lack of proper fuel).
Weight loss and strength cannot happen without adequate and balanced nutrition. To efficiently burn fat and build muscle, you need to provide the body with energy producing foods. Privilege good carbs, healthy fats, greens and natural sugars. Then, you are going to love your new body, your new energy, your new you. You won’t believe  what you are capable of when you eat the right food and exercise properly.

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