The Benefits of a Fitness Boot Camp

The notion of boot camp brings images of military discipline and soldiers crawling in mud carrying a heavy backpack. If the concept of fitness boot camp is inspired by the army physical training, the environment needs not be as traumatic. In fact, boot camp classes bring benefits beyond toned muscles and increased strength.

No peer pressure at boot camp

If you have felt you need to be in perfect shape to even go to a gym, boot camp might be the place for you. The members there have the same goals and share most of the same concerns be it weight loss or body image.

Boot camp programs mean Healthier Lifestyle

Exercise certainly improves your health: toner muscles give strength and protection to your joints and add support to your back. You breathe better; you feel better overall and reap the benefit of restful sleep. Along with physical wellness, you get valuable coaching on nutrition and efficient dietary changes.

Attention and care are key

If you picked right, you will be working with qualified trainers. They will spend one-on-one time with you, listen to your worries and adjust exercises to your targeted areas or to specific troubles or injuries. Fitness boot camp is a human affair, not just between you and equipment.

Boot camp fitness leads to better Results

Because this type of fitness engages your core muscles and challenges them (rather than a machine doing half the work), you obtain better and faster results. The workouts burn calories, tone and shape your body. Combined with a personalized nutrition plan, you melt pounds and inches.

Fitness at a boot camp is source of motivation

We’ve been there before: we join a gym, we may get one hour with a personal trainer who works up a list of exercises. It’s fine for a while then we stop going regularly because it’s boring. Soon, we stop going altogether. Boot camp routines are never the same so your body doesn’t become an automaton and your mind is constantly focused.

And develops a sense of Community

This could be the most important benefit of all. Fitness boot camps are not competitive crowds, but rather groups of persons who become your friends and provide emotional support and encouragements. Everyone learns from the others and cheers and encourages. The sense of belonging to an almost family gives more reasons to go to classes.

Beyond the benefit of getting in shape and working on a toner, leaner body, boot camp fitness appeals to our need for human relationships and connection to other people. Those who share our concerns, face the same challenges and, just like us, need exterior stimuli and motivation from others to keep going. The rewards are much more satisfying than solo workouts.

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