How to Prepare a Week of Fitness Meals in 1 Hour?

To prepare a week’s worth of fitness meals may sound like an impossible task, and a chore you don’t feel up to. That would be herculean labor when we look at the time it takes us to prepare one meal.

But if you’ve started to fit exercise in your schedule, you will come to realize a few things: time becomes precious to be able to manage our life, so saving some sounds rather good (and maybe allows to attend an extra fitness class); and by going to the gym or a boot camp more regularly, chances are your diet is changing and you are more conscious of what you eat.

A week of meals takes planning

Observe how chefs manage their restaurants. Everything is precisely planned. Start by making a list of the recipes you want for the week. Keep them simple, we are not making crème brûlée (we want to stay fit anyway). Chances are they will share ingredients. Make a list of what you need and shop in one trip.

A week of meals takes organization

Do not get started if you have to go pick up the kids or go out again. This time is your time, dedicated to prepare for the week so you don’t have to spend time cooking every night.

Do what chefs do: all the elements of a dish are prepared, cut, diced, sliced, seasoned. You are facing bowls of vegetables, plates of protein. You have measured the rice, or pasta.

Efficiency for a bit, meals for a week

Preheat the oven in advance, get a pot of water boiling, have the pans ready to sear. A good utensil to use also is a pressure cooker (the beauty of a stew that takes hours in 45 minutes or less). Then, while the magic of cooking happens, organize the containers for storage. When everything is ready, you have your very own little assembly line. Fill, seal, and label if you want.

Bravo! You have delicious, healthy meals ready for the week. You feel accomplished and energized. Now, you can go for a good workout…

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