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LOVE THIS PLACE!! I have joined your regular gym’s and have even done Crossfit for awhile, and I never felt as motivated and comfortable as I do at Beauty Fit!! Kat is amazing, she gives you the proper tools to help you reach you weight.. Read more



I totally LOVE this place. The most friendliest staff EVER. Feedback from Kat is on point she will answer any questions or concerns you might have on your fitness journey. Always so positive and professional. A+ on my list!! Read more



Beauty Fit Boot Camp has completely changed my life! Prior to joining, I went to the gym and figured that by simply doing cardio, I would see changes in my body. I was incredibly wrong! Beauty Fit Boot Camp has taught me so much.. Read more

Boot Camp vs. Gym

Boot Camp vs. Gym: Pros & Cons

Congratulations! You’ve decided to exercise (again). So what do you choose, boot camp or gym membership? There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Incidentally each benefit can also be a con, depending on your personality and goals.
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The main reason to go to a gym is convenience. There likely is one down the street from your work or home, and it may be open non-stop. You don’t have to worry about being late for a class (typical of the boot camp concept). You can work out whenever you feel like it.

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Tips on Boot Camp for Weight Loss

Is boot camp fitness an efficient method to lose weight? When you think about it, the soldiers sweating and grunting while jumping and sprinting under the command of a drill sergeant get in shape. The purpose is not to measure their resistance to torturous exercises; it’s to get fit, gain strength and endurance to be able to combat and survive.

Boot camp fitness inspires from this military physical training. The concept lies in interval workouts: intense activity that increases your heart rate for a couple of minutes followed by a slower paced exercise.

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Fitness Tips

Fitness Meals

How to Prepare a Week of Fitness Meals in 1 Hour?

To prepare a week’s worth of fitness meals may sound like an impossible task, and a chore you don’t feel up to. That would be herculean labor when we look at the time it takes us to prepare one meal.

But if you’ve started to fit exercise in your schedule, you will come to realize a few things: time becomes precious to be able to manage our life, so saving some sounds rather good (and maybe allows to attend an extra fitness class); and by going to the gym or a boot camp more regularly, chances are your diet is changing and you are more conscious of what you eat.

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